My Little Pony Birthday Party

I loved My Little Pony when I was a little girl so I was so excited to throw my daughter a My Little Pony themed party for her 4th birthday!  My daughters two favorite ponies are Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy so we decided to go with pink and yellow for the main party colors.

I started by decorating the entryway with pink and yellow balloons, I made a banner by cutting out circles and stringing them all together with ribbon.  The stickers used on the banner were purchased from etsy from a designer that I love to use.  You pick the design and she customizes it with your name and birth date. She then sends you the file and you can print as many as you like. All for only $3.50 at Printsparkle.  I also purchased party bags in multicolor pack from PartyCity which I  decorated with the stickers. I used a funny picture of my daughter when she was a baby and a pony train to decorate also.

I found some fun cups with crazy straws in the dollar section at Target and decorated each one with custom stickers.  Each kid took one of them home too!

Anyone who knows anything about My Little Pony knows that each pony has a cutie mark on there hind leg.  A pony earns there cutie mark once they figure out what their special talent is.  With this in mind I found a glitter tattoo kit at my local Michaels craft store and each girl was given a cutie mark when they arrived at the party.  They are pricey at $20 a kit but I never go into Michaels without my 50% off coupon that they run every week in the newspaper.

I really enjoy doing crafts with the kids!  Most kids love craft time and it also gives them something special to take home from the party.  For this party my daughter chose princess crowns.  We did this craft at the beginning of the party to allow for proper drying time. The kids painted, glued jewels and puff painted their names on each crown.

One of the games we played was done so using a My Little Pony tent and ribbons all cut at different lengths.  Each kid got to pick a ribbon and pull.  One ribbon had a My Little Pony toy attached to it.  This game is simple for all ages and any type of party theme. We also played pass the pony which is done by sitting in a circle and passing a pony around.  Each time the music stops if you have the pony in your hands you are out.  The last girl to not have the pony in her hand when the music stops wins.

I didn’t do anything extravagant with the food at this party.  I had a few snacks out for the kids and my daughter really wanted an ice cream cake so I let her pick one out from Baskin Robbins.  This was a easy party to throw because the ponies are so colorful and the stores carry a ton of pony decorations.

Christie Stocker



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  1. This is such a cute party theme. I used to be into my little pony as a kid and hadn’t even considered it for a party theme. I love how colorful it is. The pass the pony is a great idea, I like the different take on it from pass the parcel, and this could easily be incorporated into other party themes :-)