Lego Party for your Boys

As a mother of boys, I know that they have their preference in what they play with. Lego’s are in definitely in their toybox. So I decided to go out into the world wide web to see what was out there for kids that love legos. I love the DIY crowd because they come up with such good stuff! Most of it is very simple ideas that you at home can take advantage of for your next kids party.

We start with what we find from the very popular Hostess with the Mostest and her great Lego Party Set up that she featured last year. Everything is so vibrant and fun, that i’m sure anyone that goes to the party is going to appreciate the great attention to detail. If you want to see more of this party set up, definitely click on the image to head over to the HWTM page!

As we continue our trek through the interwebs, we find another great idea from our friends over at Catch My Party! With kids being big fans of playing as their favorite super heros or tv show characters. So why not bring that idea over to your kids favorite lego characters! CMP has found that creating fun cut outs of lego faces make fun masks that everyone can enjoy.

Finally I decided to see what a great blogger over at Hotcakes had when it came to Lego parties and hit a gold mine of ideas! A few really stood out like the cake pops that are the shape of lego people heads or the gift boxes that are very simple but oh so fun to give out. This is a page that if you are really seriously looking to have a lego party, you have to visit!

Overall, I was amazing and delighted to see all the great and unique ways of celebrating with Legos, and when my kids are wanting to have a party filled with their favorite building blocks, I have a lot to consider.
Christie Stocker



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One Response to Lego Party for your Boys

  1. Suz Brill says:

    Love the little boxes! The masks would be great in a photo booth too. x