Simple Baseball Themed Baby Shower

 ASU Themed Baby Shower

When my dear friend, Risa told us she was pregnant with her third little boy we all knew she was not going to want a big extravagant baby shower.  Some ideas were kicked around that a group of us would meet up for lunch and then it kind of just grew into what I think was the perfect little shower.

Rbaby_shower_baseball_ticketsisa and her boys, husband included, all love baseball.  However, they are BIG fans of the ASU Sun Devils Baseball Team.  Like I always say, “You have to have a theme”.  Even if the theme is just colors, you really need one to make any function look put together.  So we ran with it.  Maroon and gold, ASU, and baseball.

We started with the invitations.  These invites were inspired by an invite I found by doing a google search.  I asked my graphic designer husband to take the design and make it ASU themed and this is what we came up with.  We only had to pass out 14 invitations so we had these printed at Fedex/Kinkos for a baseball_hurricanewhopping $3.50. We passed them out like we were handing out baseball tickets, so no need for fancy envelopes or postage. These invites set the tone and theme for the entire shower.

We knew we didn’t want to make a big fuss over all the details so we went very light with the decorations.  The shower was thrown on the patio of a local greek restaurant, My Big Fat Greek Restaurant.  The decor consisted of balloons in maroon and gold, a couple baseball filled hurricanes, some ASU candies, and a baseball for all the guest who attended to leave their signatures.

onesieboxThe food was served on platters buffet style and we served iced tea, water, and lemonade to drink, the bar also provided some of us with lemon drop martinis. This was a laid back shower with no games.  We just drank, ate, opened gifts, and celebrated the expectant baby and Mom.

It ended up being a relaxed, stress-free baby shower celebrating a lucky little boy to be!

baseball_onesiesA few days before the shower a small group of us got together and designed some DIY onesies for the baby shower.  Here are a few photos.  Look for a tutorial to follow soon!


Christie Stocker



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