80s Themed Party

Unfortunately the 80s are long gone and we will never get to experience the magic and wonder of this era. The closest we can ever get to reliving the 80s is by throwing an 80s themed party. i_love_the_80s_lowres_xlargeThis is a party that adults enjoy and reminisce upon the good memories they may have had and kids can also dress up and enjoy the music and fun. There are a few key components to throwing a good 80s party and we are going to make sure you know what they are.

The first main ingredient for a successful 80s party is the music. If you want to keep the party going all night long and make sure people are entertained, ensure that you have enough 80s music to last you the whole night. Your best bet is to make a playlist with all your 80s music and put it on shuffle, so you don’t have to worry about choosing songs all night. A great way to give your party a modern feel is to try and throw on some recent remixes of popular 80s songs. Kids and parents can both enjoy these songs as the parents will know the words and songs and the kids can enjoy the modern techno dance beat.

Next you are going to want to have some 80s props and decorations. 220px-FerrisdayoffAn easy way to get started is go to your local mall and see if you can pick up a few posters from some of the popular 80s movies such as Ferris Buellers Day Off, or The Breakfast Club. It may also not be a bad idea to have an 80s movie playing in the background. This gives your guests a chance to wind down and enjoy some of the timeless cinematic classics.

In my opinion the most important part of a successful 80s party is ensuring that everyone comes fully decked out in 80s gear. Nothing brings back memories of the 80s like dressing up as if it was the 80s. Do a costume contest to encourage guest participation. Some guests may have kept some of the outfits from 30 years and ago and won’t have to do any shopping for their costume. IMG_4647

It’s always interesting and fun to see how people dress up in 80s theme, so be ready for a few laughs because an 80s party is definitely one of the best parties you can have!

Christie Stocker



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