Kids Super Hero Party!

With current movie releases like the Amazing Spiderman, The Avengers, and Man of Steel, kids are going to have the idea of superheroes constantly on their mind. And if you’re kids are old enough, you as a parent are going to learn all about these superheros!


The Justice League versus The Avengers and every superhero and villain in between, as a mother of a couple boys, I have learned that to put together the best superhero party, you have to know your details! If you have a boy that is fighting crime with Batman and Superman, he’s not going to like when the X-Men try to walk on his turf. Most kids love all superhero’s though, just make sure you know which crime fighters your youngster prefers.

Superhero Birthday InviteWe want to make sure your child feels like they are a part of a hyper powerful team, and it all starts with the invitations! This is a really fun idea to do with your child, find a website or even just an image online with their favorite superhero team and paste their face on one of them. You can have fun with this by painting their face green and making them the Incredible Hulk! This is also a big hit with family members and has become one of the invitations I have decided to keep to show them when they are having kids of their own.

Hero CookiesNow since all superhero’s have their own symbols, you can use this to your advantage! Instead of having to draw out or color a full human figure, you can just take the hero’s symbols and colors, put them on cookies, cupcakes, or pops and you have superhero treats! Everyone is going to have their favorite cookie because of the symbol on the treat! I myself am a Superman fan, and that started all the way back in the Christopher Reeves era. If you look closely at the image of all the cookies on the right, you’ll notice that we also had fun with them and didn’t only have the main hero’s. The Incredibles have been added, Hulks fist, and some sound effects bubbles have been made as well. Stay focused but also have fun with it, it’s still a party after all.

Hero PopsFor more cartoonish portrayals or even more realistic images of heros on the treats, there are edible stickers that you can put on different types of food. Costumes are also going to be a big part of your kids hero party, and if you’re looking for a costume, now is the time to look. With Halloween just around the corner, there are going to be many opportunities to find a great superhero outfit for your kids. And if you want to start looking now, MyPartyPlanner has a Costume Section. We have a lot of outfits to choose from, and especially during halloween, we’re going to be really focused on finding some of the best and coolest costumes.

Superhero Birthday Party (2)Last but certainly not least, the party games are something you are going to want to plan. You have to remember that you still have to come up with the entertainment of the party. And with a theme of superheros, you’re going to have some fun with it. Two games that I put together for my sons and their friends were Superman Change and Who’s The Real Batman. In Superman Change, we all remember Christopher Reeves change from Clark Kent to Superman in half a second, so we saw if the kids could do the same. We had a superman outfit and made a phonebooth made of cardboard. Each kid took a shot at putting on that superman outfit in 5 seconds, then we lifted the phonebooth and saw how far they got. It was hilarious and the kids were having fun competing for the title of being Superman. In Who’s The Real Batman we got all the kids together and started giving clues about who the real Batman was. All the kids had to look at each other and find the one kid we were describing. Great fun and perfect for the theme of the party. I can only give you ideas now, share this article and post comments about what you all have done for your kids party that was a hit!

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