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Saturday Night Live has created some very memorable characters that have been on our TV sets for as long as we can all remember. There have been so many memorable characters that are loved all over the country. Here we even put a great list put up by WatchMojo of the top 10 SNL characters:

To bring back these characters with your friends and making new hilarious situations for them the only direction you can go is having a Saturday Night Live Character Party!!! Whether or not you’re a follower of SNL or if the last episode you saw was a decade ago, everyone has a character that has made them laugh.

FbqbphHere we put up someone that decided to be Sean Connery playing Jeopardy. When he chooses the next question, i’m sure he won’t say “Therapist for 200″ correctly! All he really needs now is a friend to dress up as Will Ferrell as Alex Trebeck! The great thing about SNL is that you can get everyone involved. If you want to get your guys together, you can all dress up as the single ladies from BeyoncĂ©’s Video with Justin Timberlake, and Andy Sandberg. When you go out, everyone will laugh and know exactly who you are. Perfect for starting up some good conversations. As you can probably tell, I am a huge fan of Saturday Night Live and have loved watching it every week to end a great Saturday. And all the people I talk to are the same way and have been for many years. That’s why putting together a SNL Character Party can be the best costume party idea ever!!!

eddie murphy gumbyI know that many people now say that SNL was funnier back when it first started. And although SNL has had many memorable and talented people on their staff, they are still coming up and putting together great characters. People forget that back then they had just as many skits that failed than were popular. SNL has never died and the reason for that is their ability to create great characters. Even Seth Meyers is taking over the Jimmy Fallon spot in the primetime night shows! Jason Sudeikis is also out doing movies and being funny as ever, and he is still considered a current generation member. Don’t let me deviate from the idea that i’m trying to get across though.

I’m here to help with party ideas and since Halloween is coming up soon anyway, this is one of the best costume parties to put together just because of the variability of the characters and how widely known they are. Plus if your party doesn’t have too many guests, you can pull out a computer and judge how each person did on their costume while watching a hilarious skit with their character! I’m going to end this post here so I can start planning my SNL Party! But I leave you with Adam Sandler giving great Cheap Costume Ideas!

Cheap Halloween Costumes by Adam Sandler by Capig

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