Top 10 Halloween Costumes 2013

With Halloween just around the corner, I decided to start on some research and find out what is going to be what is hot this Halloween. I’m not looking for any specific age group, just the top 10 most sought out for costumes this year! Most of them are popular every year, and others are going to be popular for just this year. So let us start right away with the Top 10 Halloween Costumes of 2013!

10th Best Halloween Costume

A tie between Batman and Spiderman, for the last couple years these two have dominated the Top 10 lists on every site. The good thing about these is that no matter your age, size, or budget, you can put something together and still be recognized as one of these two great superheros. We’ve even found full motorcycle outfits for batman fans that give you full protection from a crash with it’s armor. And of course with The Amazing Spiderman and all the talk about the new Spiderman movie with Electro and Rhino, this outfit is not going away anytime soon.

9th Best Halloween Costume
If you have seen Tosh.0 lately, you saw him wearing a cry baby mask when he was in a skit of how he negotiates. Although we don’t like the $350 price tag, you have to admit it does leave an impression. Not very cute and mildly disturbing, this hyper realistic baby head might even have the power to make real babies cry. For the most part though, it’ll be something that everyone is going to talk about after seeing it and you’re going to have to make the entire suit as authentic as possible. Make sure you get a great diaper and baby bottle. This way you will literally be the biggest baby at the party! Now the hardest part of this mask is where to find it. We did find one website with that enormous price tag that we mentioned, but i’m sure there are other places that are cheaper.

8th Best Halloween Costume
The Walking Dead and Zombies take the Number 8 spot. This is the month that Season 4 is starting up of the Walking Dead. This will make so many people want to come out for Halloween as Rick or one of the Walkers! Zombies have been getting more and more popular every year. And ever since The Walking Dead started up, even the people that weren’t into zombies have come around. Everyone is part of the Zombie Craze!

7th Best Halloween Costume
Star Wars is our number 7. Although there hasn’t been a movie release for years, Star Wars never dies and with the purchase of the Star Wars name by Disney this year, many people are excited to see what Disney can do with it. With great characters from Luke Skywalker to the pictured Boba Fett, everyone has someone to dress up as.

6th Best Halloween Costume
circus-costumes-for-kids-tween-steampunk-girl-costume-22079Steampunk is something that not many people are familiar with. It’s an alternate reality of the world if Steam power was the main form of power. Although this does sound a bit different, it creates a lot of really cool and mechanical styles for clothing and items.

5th Best Halloween Costume

For Number 5 we have another set of superheros and bring up Iron Man and the Man of Steel. With two major Blockbuster movies out this year, these two superheros are at the top of their game. Superman as the leader of the Justice League was always too good and allowed Batman to take the spotlight, but now he shows why he’s the main man. And Iron Man, ever since Robert Downy took over the role, has been the mouth of the Avengers. There’s no doubt that these two have what it takes to be great heroes to dress up as.

4th Best Halloween Costume
Game of Thrones has captivated a huge audience with it’s amazing visuals and gripping story. This always means that everyone is going to want to be part of that world and with a holiday like Halloween, they are going to have a chance to pretend they’re out playing the political game with the Lanisters and risking their heads if they make the wrong move. Be Ned Stark or bring your dog along and dress them as a wolf to show you’re part of the House of Stark.

3rd Best Halloween Costume
Miley Cyrus is being talked about a lot right now and whether you like her or not, you’re going to see this outfit a lot this Halloween. This news worthy performance has caused a stir and many people are taking advantage of that by dressing up as Miley and going out to Trick or Treat. We don’t mind seeing this outfit out there, just please don’t let young daughters put something like this on. As long as everyone is responsible, we congratulate Miley for making it to Number 3!

2nd Best Halloween Costume
Duck Dynasty is the show that has taken over the Hill Billy crowd. These bearded men have become extremely popular with their hilarious situations and good morals, we love to see people out in camo and beards showing their love for the workers of Duck Commander. Just make sure if you dress up as Si, you make sure you’re not as crazy as he can sometimes be!

Top Halloween Costume for 2013
Our Number 1 choice as a Halloween Costume for the year of 2013 is Breaking Bad! With the season finale, and final episode just airing a couple weeks ago, the talk about Breaking Bad has not slowed down. That also means that everyone is going to want to dress up as this good teacher gone bad. This ends our Top 10 Halloween Costumes of 2013 but we will soon see how close our list is to what you’re going to see on your streets this Halloween! We just hope that everyone has the best night and safe night.

For most of these costumes, you can click on them and find the exact costume to buy. We try to make everything easy here at MPP but if you don’t like what we have here, any of the links above have tons of costumes that you can choose from. There is no need to stick with our list, you find what you love and fits you best!

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