Great New Party Trend: Foam Parties!

This Holiday Season was a very busy one for me and I am sure it has been the same for all of you reading my blog! Now that Christmas and the New Year has come and gone, I am ready to get back into the party game for my kids!

I’ve always been into making sure the decorating and theme of a party all match perfectly and I create a whole world for my kids birthdays. This works well with my young children that have vivid imaginations, but as they grow older more emphasis is placed on what activities are available at the party. As a parent we all know that there are the basic games that we can always add to spice up a party. Musical Chairs, a Pinata, a Jump Castle, if you are lucky enough to have a pool then Pool Party. The bad part is, I don’t like plain and simple or things that have been done. So I decided to start asking my coworkers what was getting a ton of attention. They gave me a two word answer: Foam Parties!

Foam Party 2

Knowing that warm temperatures are finally coming back, it seems that Foam Parties would be a good idea to have, but like anything I had concerns. If you want a lot of foam, I bet it would cost a ton, take a team of guys running it, and it’s going to make a huge mess for me to clean up! Since i’m writing this post, i’m guessing you caught on that I was wrong with all my assumptions.

Foam Party 1When it comes to the cost, I would say it’s reasonable for what it is. I’ve spend tons of money on all the aspects of a party for my children and even though the price depends on what Foam Machine you order, they can range from $650 all the way to over $1200! Now when it comes to the prices, the companies that have the higher prices have the same basic machinery as the ones with the lower prices. So my focus was to shop for price. Also, to get a ton of Foam for your Foam Party, it doesn’t take a team. It takes me mixing some foam solution with water then turning on the machine. And last but CERTAINLY not last, the clean up. If you have a nice space to just dump the foam onto, you can do that and after a while, the foam will evaporate.

Foam Party 3What I fell in love with though is there are Foam Pits that you can rent with your machine and it will contain the foam like if it was an overground pool! This makes the process of toweling off the kids as they come out to eat their hotdog much cleaner. It’s inflatable and just like everything else, they have different sizes for you to order from. Once it gets a bit warmer where we live, I will put together a Foam Party and see how it goes. I might even keep it running so that the children can have fun in the foam during the day and then the adults can take it over after dark!

Setting up a Foam Party has a ton of potential for people of all ages and I am glad that it’s a growing trend. If you are interested in getting more information about Foam Machines make sure to visit! They are the company with the best prices and can ship to you quickly if you forgot to plan ahead.

Christie Stocker



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