Quick Ideas for Big Toddler Parties!

Bounce Castle
When coming up with ideas on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to putting a party together, it can be very difficult. This gets magnified when you are putting together a great party for your toddler. As a mother, I have to accomplish what seems like the impossible at least a couple times a year. This past weekend my daughter was invited to a Birthday party and when we arrived, there was the usual fair. Food, cake, soft drinks, and plenty of kids. The stand out was the entertainment, a bounce house.

At least in Arizona, this is becoming standard for toddler parties. There are plenty of companies around that offer bounce castles with super heroes and princesses plastered on the sides. These are great, but as a parent, I always want my kids parties to have something special and unique. So I went off to scour the internet again in search of the best ideas I could find for toddler parties. I found many different party games and unique party themes, but these are my Top 3 Toddler Party Ideas!

Number 3

Chain Restaurant Party! This one is going to be location specific but most of us live near a place with kid games that allows the booking of parties. For example, when I was a kid Pizza places were the place to have a party. Chuck E Cheese or Peter Piper Pizza were amazing places to book your birthday and every kid was excited to go. This idea has been expanded and evolved into booking parties at Dave and Busters. Just make sure you book in advance and you will see that not only will your kid be incredibly joyful about where his party is, but you will have the staff there to make sure none of the party guests go unwatched.

Number 2

Themed Parties! This is one section I like to pride myself in. Finding a subject that my child really is into, creating cool and unique party favors and decorations, then creating fun games that fit the theme. These are at the core of most Parties. There is one fallacy when it comes to these kinds of parties though, the level of creativity required can be immensely high. The best part is though, if you can pull off a great themed party, the feeling of accomplishment is unbeatable.

Number 1

Toddler Foam
Foam Pit Party! This has been a growing trend that actually was the focus of my last blog post. I still haven’t been able to find anything that tops a Foam Party. It is a safe and entertaining way to keep the kids entertained. Non-toxic and Non-irritating foam solution pours out and covers all the little ones running around. There are even foam pits available to keep the foam in a centralized location. Completely unique and very fun, this will be a party that is talked about by the kids and adults. If you want to find more information on Foam Parties, Click Here!

Now don’t take my words as a guarantee that your child will love his or her birthday setup. You know your kid best and if you have a kid that would rather play with a karaoke machine and sing Michael Buble all night with his friends, then make him happy and buy a karaoke machine! If you have a child that would love anything and you just want to give them a party that he will remember for a long time, then you can definitely use my tips. All in all, MPP and I wish all you parents luck and hope you put together the best parties for years to come.



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