How to make that Memorial Day Party POP!

Do you ever wonder why some parties are so much fun and organized and some are not? Anyone can put on a good party, but it takes a great deal of planning to make it a GREAT party.

  1. Start by planning far in advance, so that your guests mark their calendars for your event. It doesn’t matter, if you make the invitations yourself or buy them. Make them colorful and have cute themes so that people will want to be at your party. Make sure if you have an address that is hard to find, that you include a small map. You will want to make sure that the hours are reasonable both start and finish. There is nothing worse than trying to get guests to leave and the won’t. Also RSVP is crucial, even though some people don’t know what it means.
  2. Perhaps if possible, get some activities ready for the older kids, other than babysitting.
  3. Decorations… this is the fun part. If you live in a sunny area, make certain there are tents or canopies for shade.
  4. If your party will be going at dusk or later, buy some of the those cute paper lanterns or any type of hanging lights. They can be re-used next year or at another party. Again, think COLORFUL! Lots of balloons and festive table cloths and napkins. Paper plates, plain Jane is fine if you are on a budget. Remember trash receptacles. If you are in a buggy area, remember covers for the food. There are tons of party stores around to accommodate all your needs. I am a great fan of the disposable warming trays that you just toss.
  5. When it comes to food, be creative but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. My husband and I have catered many a pool party in our home and half the fun is making it yourself. Here again, think of your guests. Some may have a special diet and they always appreciate when you have options for them. I make the best Whiskey Baked Beans and you can do it by doctoring them up with many things. Potato salad is a real keeper. If it is going to be hot, make sure food is kept chilled!!!
  6. The bar! Keep it simple, there is nothing wrong with beer and wine and a punch for the little ones. Remember LOTS of water. If you want hard liquor, I would always hire a bartender. They can tell your guests if they have had enough.
  7. Perhaps hire a couple of young people to help with the clean up as the day goes along. I am sure you and your guests will appreciate not having pests around the food.
  8. Music? Use a DJ and make sure they have come recommended. Remember, if you use a DJ or any type if music.. invite your neighbors.. then they won’t complain about the music.
  9. Always make sure you have time to visit with everyone and if there are new people, get them involved in the conversation. If you delegate many things both you and your guests will have a great time and look forward to your next party.


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