Summer Is Here – 4th of July Time

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What do you think of after the Memorial Day Weekend has passed? We start thinking about pool parties every weekend, with great BBQ and libations, planning our vacations for summer, going to the beach and after that is the The Fourth of July. It is amazing how fast the year has gone already.

July 4th is a great time as we celebrate Independence Day. Let us not forget what the holiday is really about though. It is so wonderful to gather friends around and plan to watch those beautiful fireworks displays. The colors are so brillantl and calming. If you live near a river or and body of water, they are even more spectacular reflecting off the water. I love to see the ones in the New York Harbor on TV as they have the music to go with them. We have had the pleasure of seeing and being part of July 4th displays for many years. The best time was on a boat in the harbor of Manistique, Michigan where my husband is from. It is located in the UP of Michigan and believe or not, boats came from all over. Each boat had it’s own theme. Our boat was Christmas in July. We got to play Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and it was fun to see the expression on the children’s faces.

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For years, I put on a large fire work display on the west side of the Phoenix Valley. For the bi-centennial we had the largest display in the city and was sponsored by a little shopping center. In 1975 we spent $6,000 on fireworks and that was a lot of money. The Corvette carrying the master of the parade and myself over heated (remember in July in AZ it is hot), so we walked the whole way hand in hand an laughing about it.

Planning a party for the July 4th holiday? My suggestion is keep it simple! We have a Traeger smoker, so we will be smoking ribs. Whether you do the cooking your self or have it catered, make it a fun day… no stress… and make sure you guests are comfortable. Plenty of water, no matter where you live. Make sure you have a lot of munchies and food for all.

Make the best baked beans ever by using B&M Baked or Bushes beans and add chopped onions, diced jalapeno peppers, catsup, mustard, brown sugar and whiskey and bake for about 2 hours on low. Your guests will never guess how you made them. Deviled eggs are always a hit and so simple to make. Again use mayo, yellow mustard for the dressing part of the yolks. Add a little zip by chopping very fine dill pickles or sweet if you like. Just make sure to keep them cold. Sprinkle with fresh dill and you will have another hit.

Last but no least, PLEASE, if you have pets, keep you furever friends safely in the house when the fireworks start as most dogs get so scared. Nothing will ruin you July 4th than loosing your beloved pet and by all means watch the little ones around the fireworks. Sparklers look harmless but are not toys. Happy July 4th.



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