Special 50th or higher birthday bash!

10 Top reasons to hire a professional photo booth and disk jockey for your special 50th or higher birthday bash!

The professional photographer:

#1. You are spending a lot of money to put this together, the last thing you need is after the party is over , is to find the photographer got trashed at the party and did not take pictures of any one you told him or her do to. So now you are relying on Aunt Martha’s old Kodac camera and because Aunt Martha is short, she has cut the heads off most of your guests. Of course this could be a good thing with the divorce rate being what it is!

#2. Anytime you are doing an over 50th birthday, be considerate of the guests. They may want to have a best side showing. Make sure your photographer is versed in making everyone look good. When I say your “professional”, I mean just that, ask for recommendations from him or go to a website that deals with party planning to make sure you have the person you want. Many venues will have a list of recommended vendors as well.

#3. Make sure the photographer can deliver the pictures to the guests before they leave. Many may have come from out of town and the last thing you need is to be having to haul large amounts of pictures to be mailed. Make certain the photographer understands from the start that everyone has to take the photo or album with them when they leave.

#4. Let him know well in advance of what type of props you would like him to bring along. A truly professional will come prepared with what they think will make for a successful event, but you may have some hidden treasures at home that you would like to be used as well.

#5. Perhaps, you have a few favorite people that you would like to send a special gift to after the event. Perhaps it is a coffee mug, with pictures of the event, a framed picture, a calendar (where each month has a different picture of the party), a photo book with stories about the pictures, etc. Ask the photographer if he can do these or is it best to use a company like I have done, called Shutterfly. Make certain they will give you the pictures you paid for and not watermark them, meaning you can’t use them.


#6. So we are doing a party for someone over 50? Here again ask for recommendations from the venue where you are having the event at or use a party planner.

#7. Make sure he has a vast array of music to fit the age if everyone from there. Quite frankly, if there will be children, break up things with music for them, that the adults can participate in as well such as the Hockey Pokey, The Chicken Dance and any other song that will get everyone off their chair and moving.

#8. Check ahead of time, do you homework, make sure this DJ has some energy. The best parties I have seen is where the DJ interacts with the guests and just doesn’t stand behind his keyboard. The more fun the



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