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Destination Weddings in the Kootenays - British Columbia - Canada

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Destination Weddings in the Kootenays - British Columbia - Canad

Is a Destination Wedding right for you?  What exactly is a destination wedding?  What should you know before embarking on the adventure of a destination wedding?  What do I need to know to get married in the Kootenays?  These questions and many more are running through your head as you consider a destination wedding in the Kootenays.

There are many definitions of a destination wedding but a general description is that a destination wedding is any wedding that takes place outside of where the couple resides.  A destination wedding in the Kootenays is a chance to travel to a place with breathtaking views, plenty of activities and excellent getaway opportunities for both the couple and the guests.  Couples that embark on a destination wedding are looking to do something different and generally are looking to have a smaller guest list than if they were to marry in their own town.   Destination weddings in the Kootenays can be less expensive than a traditional wedding in your own town or in an exotic locale and will provide an excellent chance for the bride and groom to spend more that just one afternoon with their guests at a reception hall.

There are many things to consider for a destination wedding that differ from a traditional wedding.  Such as, when getting married in BC, you do not need to be a resident to be married in the province however it is required that you apply for a Marriage License within BC and that you are over the age of 19.  To apply for a marriage license in BC only one member of the couple needs to apply for the license at one of the designated locations of Marriage License Issuers.  You must provide the following information at the time of application for both individuals: Full name - including given names, birth date and birth place, martial status and current address.  The marriage license is issued at the time of application and is valid for three months and may not be extended.  Couples may choose either a religious or civil ceremony that must be witnessed by two people.

The next thing to consider is how you are going to go about planning your destination wedding in the Kootenays.  There are three main options: you may hire a wedding coordinator based in the area; use a coordinator based out of a hotel or bed & breakfast who may help with the wedding planning; or do it yourself.  There are many things to consider when you decide to do it yourself or even when using a professional.  Some great places to look for information about the area and get you started are: the internet, books, word of mouth, travel guides, tourist information centers or the local Chamber of Commerce.

    Tips to having a successful Destination Wedding in the Kootenays:

◘ Do your research – do you want to wed outside or inside, on a beach or in a forest, envision your wedding and then find the spot that will make it come true
◘ Decide on your budget – there will be some extra costs involved in a destination wedding such as possible extra activities for guests or transportation of key elements of the wedding
◘ Choose your timing – check with key family and close friends before finalizing the date
◘ Reserve rooms for your guests – most hotels will give you a cheaper rate for groups and block out a certain number of rooms to be booked by your guests
◘ Plan your scouting trips – try to make at least one trip to your location prior to the wedding
◘ Book your vendors early - to ensure your choice vendors are available and some communities may only have one or two selected vendors such as venues, caterers, entertainment, florists, photographers and videographers.
◘ Be sure to send save-the-dates before your invitations – your guests need to start making travel arrangements as early as possible
◘ Organize other weekend events – this allows guests to enjoy the area and can provide great opportunities for the couple to make lasting memories with their guests
◘ Send out information packets to your guests – can be done by email with information on weekend activities, other activities in the area, transportation options and a general wedding timeline

It is best to arrive to your location at least 2 to 3 days before the wedding in order to make sure you have time to meet with vendors, have a rehearsal, do a trial run of your hair and makeup and any other last minute details.  Some last minute tips to do before you leave home is to double check reservations, ensure you have everything in writing and ensure you have made arrangements as to who will be assisting you on the day of and before your wedding.

Enjoy the process of planning your destination wedding; this will be an amazing weekend of memories that will last you a lifetime.  Remember to relax and enjoy the planning process, your wedding and the Kootenays.

Article Submitted By:
Marni Beninger
Destined To Be Wedding & Event Coordinator
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