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Do I really need a wedding planner?

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Do I really need a wedding planner?

Should I Hire an Event Planner?

You are engaged! This is a wonderful time full of hopes and dreams for the perfect wedding day!  You may already have an idea about how you would like to look, what your reception will look like, and what color the bridesmaids will wear. 

You are planning a party!  The excitement builds as you decide on the time and style of the event, the people invited, or maybe the special person/persons that it will be honoring.  You get your ideas together and set the date.

In either case, you may be wondering: Should I hire an Event/Wedding Planner?  You may think weddings and parties happen all the time without them.  Why should I shell out the extra money for someone else to plan my event?  Or you may take the other route of falling into the recent hype of hiring an event planner for every occasion.  So, should you hire a planner?  Well, it depends on your expectations, your creative abilities, your time available to plan the event, and the scale of the event.

Hiring an event planner can save you valuable time and money.  Keep in mind that not only are you hiring the planner, but you are also hiring their network of reliable vendors, their years of creativity, and their price negotiating skills.  A planner could get prices for you that are inaccessible to one who is not in the business of event planning.

Some situations where a planner is needed:
•    Day of/Month of HELP! For a wedding or other special event
•    Large Function of 200 people or more
•    If you are a busy person with little or no time (or patience) to plan
•    When your vision of your event is outside the scope of your know-how
•    ESPECIALLY IN THIS CASE:  Champagne taste on a
                     Beer Budget – a planner can help you get the most out
                     of your budget, come up with cost effective alternatives
                     to your ideas, and keep you within your budget

So are you ready to break out the checkbook?  Not so fast!

Although I and other event planners, would love for you to think that we are needed to plan every event, this is not the case.  Planning a party or wedding can be very enjoyable.  Especially, if you are realistic about your budget, know what you can do creatively, have reasonable expectations, the time to plan, are organized and willing to learn.  By utilizing decorating and planning websites and magazines, it is entirely possible for a person to plan an event, whether it is a wedding or backyard barbeque bash.  In fact, this is why many planners are offering a variety of packages for the “do-it-yourself” type people that may just need help with a few details.  However, as aforementioned, the occasion where a planner is essential is the day of or month of the event.  It is your party!  If you have orchestrated it up until now; without someone to help you the day of, you will continue to orchestrate the affair through the night.  You should enjoy all your hard work the day of your event, and not be answering questions or wondering why the tablecloths are not the right color.

Planning a wedding?  Check out these websites for ideas:

Planning a social event?  Check out these websites for ideas:

Submitted By:
Jessica Bugay
A Piece of Cake Party Planning
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