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Don't forget to remember the First Aid

Planning an event is a busy time.  You want everything to be perfect, from the flowers to the music.  So, your event might smell great, and sound great, but is it safe?

With the tables and chairs moving throughout the evening as attendees move to be closer (or further away) from each other, the venue you set up is quite a different one that gets cleaned up!

With each person's turn at the microphones, the wires become entangled and the platform or stage becomes less safe.  I know, people don't want to hear about accidents and injuries at an event, but they happen. More often then you know. I always get the stories later from events my company did not work. The man who was so drunk, he stepped all over grandma's feet.  The kid who was allergic to flowers at an outdoor wedding or event.  Most of the time, you as the event planner never hear about these things.   But your client will hear about them later.  They always do.  Then I hear about it.  Well, let's just prevent all of this.  How you ask?

The first thing my employees do is make sure your location is safe.
Are you in a canyon with no access to an ambulance like in Malibu?
Then you need us (the medics) to bring more equipment to sustain a person's life longer to wait for a helicopter to come in.  Are you in a hotel ballroom?  Then you need more of the Risk Management and Safety Prevention.  But don't kid yourself.  Even in a hotel or downtown with the fire department next door, you still need a medic at your event to help the attendees with minor problems, such as,  allergeries, intoxication, trip and fall, strains or sprains.

What our medics do is move around your event and look for potential hazards and fix them as the event goes on.  We are in the attire of the event, so no one knows who we are and we can move about free from prying eyes.  We move the tables and chairs back to a safe place.  We brief the event staff and explain to them what to look for in people who seem to be in or going into distress.   We watch, we listen, we are ready at hand to help, from the bride, the recipient of an award, the celebrity, and we are everywhere, so you don't have to be.

All of our services occur while your event is in motion without interruption and always confidential and discreet.   So everyone can still enjoy the flowers and music.

Article Submitted By:
Sylvia Wildfire
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