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Fund Raising Decor!

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Fund Raising Decor!

Let's face it, planning a fundraiser is a tough one. On one hand your job is to raise some money but also, plan an exciting event. In there lies the hard part. How to plan a fun event that people will want to attend while not spending all the money you are hoping to donate for the cause.

That's where balloons come in!!  Balloons really give you a lot of "Bang" for the buck. Sorry for the pun but what other decor can really create the excitement of balloons? It's no secret that many organizations use balloons such as columns and arches for walk-a-thons and balloon trees and centerpieces for their large banquets.

The secret to fun, yet elegant balloon decor is to keep the colors simple but striking. Some of the most beautiful balloon work that I've ever done has been in interesting color combinations. Does your organization have a color theme? It's easy to work within those colors but add something unexpected for a bit of drama. Remember also that sometimes less is more. If you have lots of tables to decorate, think about doing balloons on every other table or just a few balloons on each. This gives the room a filled in look without spending all those hard earned funds.

Lastly, don't be shy about discussing your decorating budget with your balloon artist. Knowing your budget helps them to make suggestions that fit instead of ones that don't. Are you able to get some volunteers to help with the decor? That's a great way to work in partnership with the event decorator to keep costs down.

Not matter what you do, remember to have fun and considering getting help from the professionals, that way you can free yourself to do what you need to do - raise money!!

Article Submitted By: Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co
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