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Private Party Tips

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General Private Party Tips


General Private Party Tips

The key ingedient to a successful party is the guests.  With this in mind, create a guest list and budget that allows for that particular number of guests.  For a private shindig, enforce the guest list at the door bouncer-style to ensure no party crashers can find a way in.  Create a one-of-a-kind invitation to avoid any counterfeits.

When planning a theme party or big event, it's easy to get carried away with the details. Every decoration may seem essential to the party.  Stay on budget by asking yourself whether you really need that oxygen bar, five margarita machines, or a fire breather, etc.  Use these extras only when appropriate to the theme and you won't break the bank.

For theme parties, specify the dress code on the invitation; otherwise, don't expect many Elvis clones at your 50s bash or loin-cloth wearing cavemen at your prehistoric party.   Don't let guests suffer through the humiliation of showing up to a party under- or overdressed.  Offer suggestions or attach a photo of appropriate attire to the invitation for inspire guests.  A well-prepared host may also stock up on an emergency stash of costumes or outfits for guests in need. 

Remember that not everyone who RSVPs will show up, and vice versa. Order or prepare extra food for those guests. 

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