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How to Know if the Face Painter You are Hiring is a Real Professional

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How to Know if the Face Painter

I am amazed at the times I have been to fairs or carnivals where there are face painters using craft paint that is not meant to be used on skin, especially the sensitive skin of a child. These people may be selling their services but they are not what I like to call REAL professionals. Anyone can pick up some paints at the craft store for less than a dollar each and hang out a shingle and paint little bits of paint on a child. That does not make them a REAL professional

A REAL professional uses professional face paint that is really highly-pigmented makeup formulated for use on the skin. Snazaroo brand even has an antibacterial agent in the paint to prevent bacteria from growing in it. Paradise, Wolfe Brothers, Mehron, Kryolan are all other popular FDA compliant brands used by professionals.

A REAL professional adheres to sensible sanitary practices and will not paint the face of a child who might have a cold or some kind of skin irritation. The will offer an alternative such as painting on the child's arm.

A REAL professional carries liability insurance. If they have a business worth protecting, they are willing to invest in the cost of insurance.

A REAL professional knows how to handle large crowds and unruly children.

A REAL professional has taken workshops and attends jams where they learn how to paint beatiful designs quickly or switch to something suitable on a restless child.

A REAL professional won't paint a screaming child because the parent insists they want the child to be painted. This will only instill a fear of face painting in the child and when he or she is older make him miss out on the fun of being painted.

A REAL professional would never use craft glitter that can harm the eyes of a child or adult. They only use cosmetic glitter sold by the same reputable vendors who sell quality face paints.

And finally, a REAL professional loves what they do because what could be more fun than seeing the face of a child light up when they look in the mirror and see themselves transformed into a tiger, princess, Spiderman or other character!

Joan Langdon
Face And Body Art By Joan
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