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Milestone Birthdays Don't Have To Cost A Mountain of Money

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Milestone Birthdays Don't Have To Cost A Mountain of Money

Kids grow up fast - much too fast, for some parents!

You probably remember the significance of all birthdays when you were a child - the importance of growing another year older meant you were that much closer to growing up. It's sad to say, but childhood now bears little resemblance to the way children grew up just twenty or thirty years ago. There are different pressures, different technologies to learn and master, and different situations on almost every personal level.

Because kids have so much to do even while just trying to grow up safely, the milestone birthday is an event doubly worth celebrating. Planning their party or festivities doesn't have to be expensive, but the event you host should show your pride and joy at watching them become a new person.

1. Figure out how many guests are really necessary.

It's unwise and unwieldy to invite twenty or thirty guests to you child's party - it's also tremendously expensive!

Determine how many guests need to be invited - including the child's friends, your friends, and all the family members. Narrowing your guest list means less supplies and food to buy and less preparation time.

2. Use the space that makes the most sense.

Planning a party at a roller skating arena doesn't make financial sense if only a few guests will actually skate. Instead, review your guest list and find a space that can make all of them comfortable. The family backyard is always nice, or a picnic at a public park. The money you save in such locations can be spent on presents for the birthday child.

3. Give gifts that commemorate the occasion.

They'll no doubt have gift suggestions of their own, but a milestone birthday deserves a special keepsake gift. Personalization is also a lovely addition to the gift, so that they have it as a souvenir of the birthday it was given for years to come.

4. Hold the party early in the day, so it can last all afternoon long.

This does limit your choices to the holidays or the weekend, but it's worth it to prolong the party's time, especially if you plan to invite a lot of kids. You'll also probably have more choices of venue if you hold the party around eleven or noon, too.

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Chris Horton
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