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The New Standard

Your wedding day is special. A lot of time and energy is put into making this an extraordinary occasion. So let’s be honest - appearances are important. Everything from flowers to table coverings is carefully chosen to help create that ambience you desire. The memories created will be recalled through photographs, videos and scrap books for years to come.  You want your reception venue to look visually appealing; the same judgment should be applied when choosing a DJ and evaluating how their setup looks.

A company called DJ Skirts offers a wide selection of products for DJs that will help them “garnish” their gear and look more professional. Much like a table skirt dresses up a table; DJ Skirts products provide elegant covering for the entire DJ work area. Some DJs will take the cheap route of making their own, while DJ Skirts products are professionally made and fire code safe. And beware of many DJs who don’t use any covering at all!

If your DJ shows up with a folding table, carpeted wood cases, lights hung on metal tubing, cables and cords all over - this is inappropriate and will subtract from the beauty of your event. It’s important to know these DJ Skirts products are available, and you should not settle on a DJ who doesn’t see their value. Some care, some don’t. Which type would you rather hire? What else don’t they care about? What other corners will that DJ cut? The safe move is to look for DJs who own and use DJ Skirts products.

Want to bring the WOW-factor to a whole new level? Check out to see the new “Glow Skirts” product line, and add that to your checklist of must-haves. Glow Skirts are white versions of DJ Skirts products and will provide exceptional elegance to your reception room. As an added bonus, Glow Skirts use today’s new LED technology. Light fixtures, cables and cords are all hidden from view. Once the room lights go down and the dancing begins, these amazing Glow Skirts “light up”, change colors to the beat of the music, and are bound to amp up your guests!

Just like any service, DJs also come in a wide range of prices. While it is tempting to go with the cheapest one around, this decision will oftentimes leave you disappointed.  Higher end DJs usually have more experience, better equipment, and look the part. So when interviewing potential DJs, know what level of quality you are looking for. As a helpful measuring stick, make this an essential question: “Do you have the DJ Skirts ‘Seal of Approval’?” Visit for verification of DJs who are certified users.

For all the above reasons, the most professional DJs should know that DJ Skirts is not just a luxury - it’s the standard you are looking for. 

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