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The Tim Horton's Protocol

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The Tim Horton's Protocol

It was the morning - Mother's Day 2008.  I decided to make it special for my wife (the best of all caring mothers) by going out to Tim Horton's and buying breakfast -- to serve her in bed. I went to the closest coffee place to our house -  Tim Hortons.

Now I'm not a big coffee drinker, but I know people who can't do anything in the morning until they have had their Tim  Hortons coffee fix.  The proof is in the line-ups that occur there every morning, day after day.  Anyways-back to my story. I pull up to Tim Horton's and sit in the line-up for about ten minutes- it was really long that morning. When it was my turn to order from the loud speaker - I asked them what kinds of selections they had for breakfast. I could tell from the reaction of the order girl-by the way she rattled off ten things so fast - that it was uncool not to know the Tim Horton's breakfast menu --  how could I be so stupid as to hold up the line of Tim Horton's faithful.  I decided on a delicous Raisin and Honey Croissant so I ordered and the line-up started to move forward.

I had ordered large coffees with the breakfast and when I got to the window the clerk gave me my coffees first.  The coffees were supposed to be large and I looked at the cups she gave me and I pondered - she must have made a mistake- because these coffees are way too small.  So I asked her - these must not be my order because mine are supposed to be large.  Her reply was "Sir these are the large size"  I then asked her what other sizes there were.  Now I could see the anger appear on her face - not only was I ignorant of the coffee cup size - i was holding up the "Tim Hortons"

Mother's Day line-up -  a definite no-no.  I then did the ultimate faus-pas in the Tim Horton Protocol Bible.  I asked her to pour the large size ones into the Extra Large size cups and add more coffee. I might as well have committed murder and been sentenced to hang. The owner came flying up behind her (I could tell he was the owner because he was all dressed up for playing golf that day) He jumped in front of his staff member and said -  You changed your cup size at the window on Mother's Day ??  I muttered a little "yes "as an answer and he stared at me as if I had leprosy !!You could have cut the air with a knife  --  we just stared at each other.  Finally relief -- he gave me the Super Large Size Coffees and politely said "We have to take care of mother-its her day"  I took the coffees and put my vehicle into drive.  As I exited the parking lot I could literally feel the disdain of all the Tim Horton Customers as they waited in line -- Take it from Jake Carvin  --  learn some Tim Horton's Protocol --  or you will feel the wrath  -- smiling !!

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Jake Carvin Entertainment
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