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Tips for your In-home Party Success

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Tips for your In-home Party Success

Every American woman has heard of  a Tupperware, MaryKay , Pampered Chef , or Slumber Parties in-home demonstration party.  There are over 200 direct sales companies today offering everything from , jewelry, children's items, wine, clothing , kitchenware and anything else you can imagine. 

Direct Sales parties can be fun and very rewarding for the hostess and her guests.  Some women , however, have resisted hostessing these parties for a variety of reasons ranging from the "no one will come" reason to "the salesperson will be pushy , boring , etc.. " reason.

As a Direct seller myself  and also a past customer and hostess at a variety of different direct sales parties I can assure you this is not the case.   Direct Sales parties can be hostessed for many reasons from a kid's birthday party to a housewarming or just because.  With the vast selection of party companies on the market , there is sure to be one that fits you and your friends taste and sensibilities.

Research your next home party on websites such as , if you are unfamiliar with exactly what's out there.  Think about your likes and dislikes , are you a wanna be gourmet cook , a fashion maven, or avid scrapbooker ?  There is a company out there that sells what interests you , you just need to find it.

Once you have decided on which company is of interest to you, your next step will be to find a local representative.  Not all consultants or reps are created equal , and neither are the hostess rewards they offer.  Some consultants will go above and beyond their local competition's offer to entice you to book a party .  There are local websites of direct sellers offering coupons or extra hostess rewards for booking a party with them.  Good places to look are or .  Simply type in the name of the Direct Sales company and a list of local representatives and their special offers will come up.

Now that you've found the company and the representative for your first or next party, you will want to make sure your event is well attended.  The rule in a direct sales party is to over invite.  If your consultant provides you with invitations make sure you send out double the amount you would like to see attend and offer incentives for bringing a uninvited guest .  Sometimes your consultant will provide this incentive for your guests but if not it would be worth a quick trip to the dollar store to pick up some goodies for those guests bringing a friend.  Party supplies are usually minimal ; paper plates, cups ,beverages , a cheese plate, a fruit tray and some chips and crackers.  Food companies such as Wildtree Herbs ,  actually provide much of the "snacks" for sampling  , which makes throwing your in-home event even easier.

Most of all have a great attitude and talk up your party as much as possible.  If you are excited about the products your guests will be too which will equate to higher party sales and more hostess rewards for you.  Encourage sales throughout the party by commenting favorably about the demonstrated items and the possibility of one of your friends booking their own party ( which usually earns you more hostess rewards).  By the end of your event you will be able to shop using your hostess credits and get lots of the items that attracted you to the company for free !   What could be better than that?

Submitted By:
Jami Bova-Whitehead
Vegas Home Parties
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