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Tips on Hiring a Caricature Artist

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Tips on Hiring a Caricature Artist

A good caricature artist provides fascinating entertainment and delightful souvenirs for your guests. It seems like magic to see funny likenesses emerge from the pen in only minutes while the artist is also 'breaking the ice' with your guests. Many people frame these drawings and treasure them for years...making your event special in a way no other entertainment can.

That's why it's important to hire a professional caricaturist, and to see samples before you book.  All caricature artists are not created the same....the samples should show live work next to the subject, so clients can judge quality of likeness and style. 
You should also look for variety of subject types-- different ages, shapes and colors.
The artist should  be draw fast enough to get a decent number of people drawn, but not so fast that the renderings are substandard. Ideally, your artist should be able to do one person in black and white in five minutes or less.
If you like what you see, book the artist as early as you can. Many caricaturists are booked weeks if not months in advance, especially during the prom/grad season and the holiday season.

At your event, usually two or three chairs and an electrical socket (for an easel lamp ) are the only things required. Please don't seat the artist next to speakers! For gigs longer than two hours, the artist may wish to take short break-- -often there is a line and it's difficult to stop drawing, but sometimes nature calls!  It's also nice to check occasionally to offer water; many artists never get up once they start drawing the first person.
Sometime before the end of the agreed-upon drawing time, be sure to let the artist know if you may want them to stay longer. This often happens due to the popularity of caricature, but many artists cut off their lines about one half hour before the ending time. This is to keep people from waiting who wouldn't make it to the artist by the ending-time.

Finally, if you are the host, get yourself drawn first, and enjoy your party! And this artist thanks you for spreading caricatured smiles and giggles to everyone at your event!

Submitted By:
Emily Anthony
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