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Waterton, Alberta - the Ultimate Wedding Location

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Waterton, Alberta - the Ultimate Wedding Location

Waterton - The Ultimate Wedding Location

As you drive west toward the Rocky Mountains, you get a feeling that  is so different than ever before.  The most fantastic scenery in the whole world is right there at your doorstep.  You can spend thousands of dollars traveling around the world to see beautiful places, but none as beautiful as Waterton,Alberta.

Discovered by Kootenai Brown, sometime in the early 1800' s,
he came to a place where the foothills of Alberta met the towering splenderous Rocky Mountain chain in the location of the now named Waterton Lakes National Park. He claims that he discovered gold on the shores of the seven mile long Waterton Lake(when I go on holiday there each year I walk along the shore looking for it - smiling-cuz I know its there!)  My wife knows exactly where wer'e going when it is a beautiful day there (usually over 90 degrees in the summer) But she smiles and goes along with my little pleasure in life.  Have a look at these beautiful pictures of the bay in Waterton on  www.Waterton  You will understand what I mean about gorgeous scenery.

When a person decides to get married it is one of the most important decisions he will ever make in life -- because it is the reason we are all born -  to re-produce children.  The place you get married says tonnes about your love, your commitment, and your promises of life to your partner.  I am a musician and I write wedding songs for many friends that get married on the shores of this marvelous setting.  You know that when the couple gets married in this awesome setting, there must be a higher power above - the reason for life!! 

Waterton is not a great big tourist location that caters to thousands and thousands of people.  It has many beautiful hotels and motels that offer excellent four star quality accomodation, and the things to do there are endless.  Hiking,  horse-back riding, fishing, water-skiing, boat tours,  sail boarding, scuba diving, tennis, swimming, music, gift shops, restaurants,and I could go on and on and on. Book your wedding in a place called Waterton -  tell em  "Jake Carvin said so".

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Jake Carvin
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