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Finding creative writing ideas shouldn’t be hard if you write once in a while for pleasure purposes only. If you are a full time content writer, you can get stuck and have writer’s block often. It’s important that you keep your ideas and your creativity flowing at all times so that you don’t get stuck. As creative writers, it is our passion to express ourselves with the written word. Poetry and short stories are where a lot of creative writers get their start. In most public schools in the United States, there is at least one unit of creative writing per semester. This is good to get children to exercise their talent they might possess. I do believe however, that there should be more focus on imagination and creativity, as imagination can never stop. It is not always for creative writers to be given an assignment with specific regulations and guidelines, as we tend to think outside the box, and not so much in it when it come to writing. Some creative writing tips I would give to anyone wanting to draw creative writing ideas would be to always have a space that is yours. A writing space should be free of clutter, allowing ideas to flow. Music may help or it may hinder you, you need to find that out on your own. I often draw inspiration by looking out my window at the Sea of Cortez, but you might get creative writing ideas by looking at art. Creative writing is a gift, and I do believe we should focus more attention on it in schools to bring more imagination to the world!