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Hot Air Balloon Rides

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Hot Air Balloon Rides

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Hot Air Balloons - Now for Something Very Extraordinary

If you are looking for something very special and memorable for one or two people, or even a small group, a ride in a hot air balloon may be just the ticket. Soaring high above the ground, you will be amazed at the quietness and the smoothness of hot air balloons, with only the occasional sound of the burner that keeps you afloat. Whether you live in New York, Baltimore, San Francisco or any other US city, this is an experience you may want to look into for special events such as anniversaries or birthdays, or as a corporate incentive for your best employees.

Hot air balloons are very safe and have been used for many years commercially. Their history goes way back in time as people have been trying for centuries to rise up above the earth for a bird's eye view. The first successful hot air balloon flights are attributed to the Montgolfier brothers in France in 1782, who sent up a sheep, a duck, and a rooster for their first flight. Their balloon was made out of paper and cloth, and they burnt a mixture of straw, dried wool and horse manure below the balloon to fill it with hot air and make it rise. Although the materials used have changed drastically, hot air balloons are still called Montgolfiers in French.

These days, the material used for the balloon, or envelope as it is sometimes called, is usually rip stop nylon. The balloon can take many shapes, such as cars or animals, as well as the traditional shape. The material is usually treated to be heat resistant and all the seams are sealed to make them airtight. The fuel that is used is liquid propane. The basket or gondola that you will travel in is usually made of something very lightweight like rattan. All hot air balloons are flown by certified pilots who have undergone many hours of training. Most hot air balloon flights are about one hour long. You'll fly either just above the treetops or at an altitude of about 2,500 feet. You will be amazed at the peacefulness when you high above the ground and the views are extraordinary. The balloon will move at the speed of the wind, and you will only fly if the weather conditions are favourable.

Whether you live in California, Illinois, Arizona, Texas or any other state, the best way to find a company that offers rides on hot air balloons is through an event planner. You can find event planners easily on the internet by doing a Google search. You can be assured that you will find a good company this way, as event planners have their reputation on the line when they are giving referrals and they will only refer you to companies that have a proven track record.

Going for a ride in hot air balloons is an experience of a lifetime that you will remember for a long time. Most companies recognize this and offer packages that include a celebratory glass of bubbly once you are back on the ground. They are also willing to answer any questions you might have before your flight so that you can get the most out of your ride without feeling too anxious.