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Tea party

With the popularity of tea increasing in the US today, there is an increased demand for tea parties. Though you can host your own tea party in the comfort of your home, there are many tea rooms located in Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, Arizona and in other cities and states across the US.

With tea parties taking its origin in England, the most popular tea party room is one with a Victorian setting. If you don't want to spend money hiring these services, you can always organize your own tea party with the following tips and ideas.

The best thing about a tea party is that you needn't cook for hours to hold a tea party. As the name suggests, you definitely need lots of tea for the party. Along with this tea, you have to fix up some snacks, where the best choice is a variety of sandwiches.

Sandwich ideas

These sandwiches could be of ham, cream cheese, a salad of tuna and cucumbers or anything you like. Whichever filling you opt to use for the sandwiches, you are sure to find it difficult to keep them dry for a long time as the sandwich gets a bit soggy while you wait for guests to come. The best thing to do to avoid is to apply a coating of butter, cream cheese or mayonnaise on the bread before making your sandwiches.

Cut the sandwiches into small cubes for easy eating using a cookie cutter or a serrated knife. Besides sandwiches, you can also buy some pastries from the local bakery like scones, Danishes and muffins to add some variety to the tea party. Whatever you decide for the tea party, make sure the party lasts about two hours. If you keep it for any longer, you may have to arrange for a little lunch too!

Theme ideas for a tea party

You can make the tea party more interesting by organizing it based on different themes. You could hold a monthly mother and daughter tea party where only mothers and daughters gather together.

Instead of using your usual crockery, use something special like teacups made from silver or bone china, linens and different snacks and types of tea. Use special teacups, teapots, linens, different finger foods and various types of tea. To make things interesting, fix a different topic for conversation and discussion every month like fashion, health and gardening.

Instead of limiting tea parties to your house, add some spice to the workplace by organizing a tea party at office. Instead of the usual, take something special for the tea break like scones and cakes. Use the new teapot in your cupboard for storing tea, and add some sandwiches to the list for spice.
Why not hold a tea party of where you serve some cookies along with tea, but no sandwiches? Instead of you bringing in all the cookies, have your guests bring the cookies they feel goes best with a cup of tea.

Preparing for the tea party

While you can organize a surprise tea party, you can make invitations of teapots or teacups for distribution. Obviously, you have to collect china teapots, cups, saucers and matching tablecloth for the party.

Don't add sugar to the tea; instead keep sugar ready in the form of sugar cubes for guests to add to their tea as they like. Don't serve cream; only milk for tea. Keep lemon slices and a fork for those who prefer lemon tea.

Don't forget to play some soothing and relaxing music for creating the right ambience for the tea party. If possible, set some bouquets of attractive flowers on your tables and distribute party favors like flavored tea, teacups and teapot cozies to your guests.