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Tuxedos are an expensive investment, which is why it is important that you buy one only after careful thought. It is always better to buy tuxedos using the based on suggestions of friends and relatives who have already bought tuxedos. They will be able to recommend tailors for stitching the right tuxedo for yourself, and suggest the best department stores and specialty stores selling tuxedos.

Whether you choose to have a tailor stitch your tuxedo, or you decide to buy a tuxedo, it is better to buy one with a turndown collar or wing. The difference between the two is that wing collars come with a front that is stiff and clean while the turndown collar has a soft and pleated front.

Securely tuck the front bib construction of your tuxedo shirt under your waistband. Just make sure that its length does not surpass your suspender's length.

The right trousers

The trousers for your tuxedo have to be chosen based on the design of the dinner jacket you have. If you intend to wear tailcoats, wear double striped trousers. For all other types of dinner jackets you choose, your trousers should have only one stripe.

If you intend to wear a tailcoat with your tuxedo, you have to make sure your trousers have a high waist that gets covered by it. It is always better to choose a pair of trousers having vertical pockets as it gives a better touch to your tuxedo.

A tuxedo is meant to be something comfortable for you to wear at all times. Usually, formal events are organized indoors. As it can get stuffy indoors, use lightweight materials to stitch your tuxedo. Moreover, as you will most probably be dancing with your tuxedo, you remain cool with lightweight fabrics.

Black tuxedos are a better choice

The color of your tuxedo should preferably be black or midnight blue. Light colored and white jackets go great only during summer and warm climates. The style of the tuxedo has to be chosen based on the purpose of wearing the tuxedo.

If you have to attend a formal and special occasion, it is better to wear black ties and tails. For other occasions any dinner jacket will do. However if you wear a single breasted jacket, remember that it should be left unbuttoned and should be worn with a cummerbund.

However if you wear a double breasted jacket, it should be buttoned up while standing. If you prefer dinner jackets, make sure its lapels are shawl or peak ones.

Tips to look thinner

A tip for the fuller sized male; choose jackets make you look thinner by camouflaging your build. It is better to wear jackets with shawl lapels that make your face look less round. It is better to wear jackets that don't have vents as it makes you look thinner.

You will find quite a few tailors and departmental stores around Indianapolis, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Arizona and quite a few other states and cities of the US. Just make sure that you go hunting for your tuxedo well before the special day and that you have all the necessary matching accessories like cuff links and the like, for the tuxedo.

Tuxedos also known as black tie dress codes have many uses, especially for that formal night out, proms, and of course weddings! Do you know what you are looking for in a Tux? Do you know what exactly makes up a Tuxedo? We have those answers and more.

Tuxedos come in different colors and styles, but most of the time traditional tuxedos are black. Your particular event might dictate if you need to wear a black tuxedo or if you can deviate a bit. No matter what your event dictates, the below is the general make-up for Tuxedos. You might want to use this as a guide or a starting point when looking for Tuxedos.

Here are the main components to look for when wearing Tuxedos.
• A jacket with silk facings, usually grosgrain or satin.

• Trousers with silk braids that match the lapels

• A white dress shirt, can have pleated front or stiff front

• A cummerbund

• A bow tie

• Dress Socks

• Shoes, generally polished

Now that you know what you need for a Tuxedo, its time to go out there and get it. My Party Planner has the right vendors for you, who are experts in the Tuxedo field. If you are looking for Tuxedos in cities such as Phoenix, Houston, and San Antonio we got you covered. If one of these areas are not where you will need a Tuxedo do not worry, my Party Planner has Tuxedo vendors Nationwide.