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Balloons, Birthday Balloons, Party Balloons & Decoration Ideas
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Balloons, Birthday Balloons, Party Balloons & Decoration Ideas
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Balloons, Birthday Balloons, Party Balloons & Decoration Ideas




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What is a party without balloons? No matter what type of party you're throwing, it just seems incomplete without them--for some reason, they have always gone hand in hand and, I am sure, they always will. There are so many different types of balloons these days that it can be hard to decide what color, size or type. But that's what we're here for, to help you plan your party! We are, after all, My Party Planner. The first rule when it comes to picking out your balloons is to be creative. I couldn’t make up my mind between gold and silver balloons when I threw a white party, so I ended up getting gold, silver, and white balloons. Though this seems against the grain, it added a little something to the party that it wouldn’t have had if I had just done all white balloons. I got them filled with helium and let them settle in the roofs of these cabanas I had rented – it was a really nice touch! There are a lot of things you can do with balloons, so just use your imagination; don't let the type of party restrict your balloon choices!

Birthday balloons can really be fun because of the ability to choose color, size, font and content of the lettering that adorns them! Mix them up and have fun with them! For any party balloons, you can do combos of sizes and shapes to add a special touch. For more decoration ideas browse though some more of our articles for tips and advice. To purchase balloons, look up balloon suppliers in your area in our large directory – you’re sure to find exactly what you are looking for, as we have all the great party suppliers and vendors in your area listed in our directory!
 When you think of balloons, I'm sure you are like I was and thought that you could only get the generic oval party balloons in different colors. Sure there are the Happy Birthday ones or the Get Well Soon Balloons that you get for those super special people, but balloons are balloons. Wrong! As you move around our balloon section, you'll see that we have much more to choose from for balloons. Have you ever thought of buying your chocolate loving friend a bunch of candy bar balloons? Or maybe your gambling friend balloons that add up to 21? These special balloons also become very valuable when you want to throw a themed party! It's great to see balloons of spiders at halloween parties or floating diapers at baby showers! There is so much fun you can have with all these different types of balloons. And you don't have to worry about size, most of our balloons come in all sizes, you just have to know where to look.

Chris Jackman