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Body Jewelry
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Body Jewelry
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Body Jewelry

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Body Jewelry

Body jewelry refers to any ring, barbell or other type of jewelry that is inserted into a body piercing. It has been found as far back as 3300BC, in Otzi the Iceman, who was found in the Shnalstal glacier, and remains popular to this day. Body jewelry means different things in different cultures. For example, in some tribes, the wearing of it is a symbol of status or religious devotion or even just stepping into puberty. In western culture, however, it is more for fashion and person style and taste than anything else.

Most body jewelry can be found at tattoo shops, at kiosks in the mall, and at some retail stores. You can find wholesale body jewelry online, especially through My Party Planner – we have wholesale body jewelry vendors listed in our directory, and you are more than welcome to search through them and contact them! Body rings come in so many different styles and shapes, depending what piercing it is for, that you will have a very large selection of body jewelry to choose from!

Body jewelry makes great party favors if the people indeed have body piercings. There are many other products that are related to body piercing like jewelry cleaner, small storage boxes for your body jewelry, and replacement balls, as well. We also have other useful articles on body jewelry, so feel free to browse around the site!