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Candles, Wedding Candles, Wedding Votives, Candle Centerpieces
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Candles, Wedding Candles, Wedding Votives, Candle Centerpieces
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Candles, Wedding Candles, Wedding Votives, Candle Centerpieces

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Who doesn’t love candles? Candles can add so much to any home, office or event. The smell of scented candles and the tons of different ways to make the arrangements give you lots of options to make beautiful works of art with candles. Using candles for your wedding is a perfect budget saving method to cut back on flowers and lighting. With all these tremendous upsides, what better occasion to utilize these candles than one's own wedding?

Wedding candles can be styled in myriad fashions. One elegant way is to put candelabras with long slender candles on the tables for centerpieces. A more modern way is to put a big 3 or 5 wick candle in one of the colors of the wedding on a mirror. Another modern idea for wedding candles is to put a large candle in a wide glass vase, creating a great negative space, and then let the light permeate through the glass. Candle centerpieces are the perfect way to create a cozy environment for your wedding reception, but they do not have to be restricted to solely centerpieces. Using candles as wedding table decorations is also a great idea! If you have a table anywhere in the actual wedding ceremony, use one of the styled candles as a table decoration. It will be beautiful, as well as give your guests a little taste of what’s to come at the reception. If you still need more ideas for candles, wedding reception centerpieces, and wedding table decorations, just search around My Party – we have a large directory of vendors and suppliers in your area to help you with all your wedding decoration needs!