Dance Videos, Hip Hop Dance Videos

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Dance Videos, Hip Hop Dance Videos
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Dance Videos, Hip Hop Dance Videos
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Dance Videos, Hip Hop Dance Videos

Dance Videos


I can’t say I’m one of those people with two left feet. I never have been. When my parents would yell and fight, I’d go in my room and turn on my Paula Abdul cassette tape (you know you had one too) that was constantly in my boom box and just jam. I remember seeing a music video of her and I just wanted to be her in that very instant.

After I thought I was good enough, I started sneaking my mom’s camcorder and making dance videos. I thought they were MTV quality, and was ready to submit them. But, back then, I also thought French fries and ketchup counted as two vegetables, if you can catch my drift. I stopped my horrid flailing dance video production and quickly upgraded to more sophisticated dance videos. It was soon after that that I was on my way to getting into dance. I took dance classes and was in a troop for a while. My area of expertise is hip hop, thanks to the multitude of hip hop videos I have owned over the years. If you are looking for dance videos, My Party Planner has a lot of dance listings in our directory – why don’t you do a simple search and find a vendor in your area. Call them up and ask if they have dance videos, and get rid of one of those left feet!

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