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Paper Doiles, Cheap Paper Doilies, Paper Plates
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Paper Doiles, Cheap Paper Doilies, Paper Plates
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Paper Doiles, Cheap Paper Doilies, Paper Plates

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When I was a kid, I always thought doilies were just so cheesy. Frilly, sometimes dusty, always wrinkly they reminded me of my great grandmother who used to make the things. She had them and little things that looked just like them everywhere in her house – on the walls, the placemats, everything! Now that I am older, I realize that yes, it was overkill, but doilies really can spruce up an otherwise ho hum and outright boring party.

Adding doilies (in moderation) can really add a little bit of vintage, a little bit of glam, and a little bit of class to a party! I like putting large paper doilies on the plate of my cake tray, then putting the cake atop it. It just adds that little touch of elegance. I also like to use them as a quick thing to throw underneath the table centerpieces. I’m a big fan of candles in vases for center pieces; I have a ton of different ones, and if I don’t throw a paper doily underneath, it just doesn’t look the same!

Paper doilies can also be really pretty when put on paper plates during the service of appetizers. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten for doing this super simple little detail. Just buy white ones, black ones, and tan or natural paper doilies and always just have them on hand for when you have a special guest or guests over, or for your next cocktail party.