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Food, Party Food, Finger Food Services, Catering
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Food, Party Food, Finger Food Services, Catering
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Food, Party Food, Finger Food Services, Catering

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Food is one of my favorite things on earth. Food gives you nourishment and sustenance and it gives me joy! Food is a large part of the American culture. Food goes with every major holiday, birthday, and there is the coveted party food. Food can change the mood of party goers from irritable and grumpy to satiated and satisfied; especially at one of those after work cocktail parties! When you’re thinking about doing food for your party, you should take several factors into consideration: the age group of your guests, their specific tastes, and where you will be eating. Sitting vs. standing really plays a big role. It is the deciding factor between finger foods and an all out sit down meal. You should also consider religious affiliations and be vegetarian/vegan friendly as well.

If you will be preparing the food yourself, you need to get all your prep items out first. I hardly ever prepare food for cocktail parties anymore – I did a salsa bar once with diced veggies and different fresh baked breads and chips and it took me a solid 8 hours to prep after chopping, kneading, and baking! I then slept 2 hours and drove 4 hours to the party location; that was the first and last time. I do have fond memories of that food, but never again. Get all the prep work that you can do done as far ahead in advance as you can. You should not be prepping food at the last minute, unless it’s bananas or something that will turn colors! For more party food ideas, or food services, browse around My Party Planner – you’re sure to find just what you need!