Headbands, Bandanas, Discount Bridal Headbands

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Headbands, Bandanas, Discount Bridal Headbands
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Headbands, Bandanas, Discount Bridal Headbands
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Headbands, Bandanas, Discount Bridal Headbands

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Headbands have recently made a fashion comeback since the 1990s. They’ve changed a little bit, as well. I remember putting on a headband for the front, a banana clip for the back, and combs for the sides. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was walking down the street, boombox in hand with my hair done up in an electric pink headband; the memories are still fresh. It’s probably because it was so horrendous. It is a fashion crime to have that much plastic in your hair at once, I’m convinced of that. What were we thinking?! Well, that is fashion for you. Thank goodness the gaudy headbands of today are worn solo. Less is always more! Headbands are also making a comeback in bridal attire, too.

There are gorgeous headbands ranging from super thin rhinestones to thicker lace covered headbands that will make any bride look stunning. If you are looking for bridal headbands, look no further than My Party Planner – your source for everything that you need to plan the perfect party. We have lots of suppliers in your area that carry discounted headbands, as well. If you’re trying to cut corners or on a budget, check out that section for money saving options. Bananas and scarves are making a comeback, as well. Bandanas make great party favors; you can get bandanas in the party colors or printed with the party’s theme, and give them out as a thank you to all the guests.

For all your headband and bandana needs, be sure to check with us before you buy anywhere else! Our vendors and suppliers are located near you and will have everything you are looking for, with money saving discounts, too!