Mardi Gras Costumes, Mardi Gras Party Costumes & Masks

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Mardi Gras Costumes, Mardi Gras Party Costumes & Masks
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Mardi Gras Costumes, Mardi Gras Party Costumes & Masks
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Mardi Gras Costumes, Mardi Gras Party Costumes & Masks

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Mardi Gras Costumes

If you are trying to come up with a theme or purpose (besides drinking a lot and eating massive amounts of beef and pork) for your Mardi Gras party, why not throw a costume party? Mardi Gras costumes are so broad that you really do a lot of different things for your Mardi Gras costume! You could make it home or you could search My Party Planner to find the perfect Mardi Gras costume. Another fun idea is to have a Mardi Gras costume contest at the party. That will get everyone’s wheels turning, and I bet you’d be amazed at the different cool costumes you will see at your party. For a man’s Mardi Gras costume, he could be a court jester, a king, a price…or something daring like a superhero. For women, the sky’s the limit – we could be princesses, mermaids, or just about anything we want! Think of it as a second Halloween – use your imagination to create a cool Mardi Gras costume, or just get one from any of our suppliers listed in our directory. For all your Mardi Gras party costumes, party masks, and other Mardi Gras product ideas and info, let us be your guide. Check back often for more updates, new vendors, and new articles. Remember that your Mardi Gras costume doesn’t have to be perfect – it doesn’t even have to make sense! As long as you are comfortable in it, and are happy with the end result, that’s all that matters – just have fun with it!