Neon Lights, Neon Light Effects, Glow Sticks

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Neon Lights, Neon Light Effects, Glow Sticks
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Neon Lights, Neon Light Effects, Glow Sticks
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Neon Lights, Neon Light Effects, Glow Sticks

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Neon Lights

Neon lights add such a cool dive bar flair to any party that I've started using them whenever possible! It doesn't matter the type of party, or the type of people attending; neon lights can be one of the most interesting aesthetics of a party, especially if you do your research. Luckily, we're here so you don't have to! First, it'd be good to know what neon lights are. Neon lights encompass a ton of different kinds of lights. There are branded neon lights that advertise beer, spirits, and various other cocktails. Some are in different shapes like stars or hearts that can be used appropriately in different party situations. The best part of a neon light is how it sets the mood of a party. One well placed "Corona Bottle" neon light fixture can be the difference between boring, stuffy get-together, and a laid back, fun suaree.
Neon lights can also have effects. These are always a lot of fun at parties, bringing an interesting aesthetic into a possibly bland room. If you're throwing a college party, these kind of lights are an absolute must! They are fun, laid back, and reflect the partying attitude of the whole room--exactly what you want for your break from studying! Glow sticks are another fun neon light-type party item that you can get. These are fun for all ages, and no rave is complete without them! If you are looking for neon lights and glow sticks, look no further than My Party – we have a large directory of vendors in your area that carry neon lights and glow sticks. Light up the party!