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Party Hats, Cowboy Hats, Straw Hats & Caps
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Party Hats, Cowboy Hats, Straw Hats & Caps
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Party Hats, Cowboy Hats, Straw Hats & Caps

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Party Hats

People hardly ever use party hats anymore, and I don’t know why. It was a fad that faded, I guess. I on the other hand like party hats, and at every party I try to get some cool party hats that go along with the theme of the party. For the kids parties I have put together, I like to get a big chest and fill it with paper hats of all kinds – the normal cone hats, top hats, jester hats, and stovepipe hats are just a few of the different kinds I put in the chest. It’s a lot of fun for the kids to in and dig around and find the party hat that each one likes!

If you’re throwing a country western party, cowboy hats are a no brainer. There are so many different colors and styles available today, that you can really get creative with them. Straw hats are another type of hat to have at a country and western party. An idea that I’ve done is to buy cheap cowboy hats wholesale in a plain color, then we set up stations for the kids to decorate them. They had so much fun spray painting, putting glitter and adornments on the hats, and we took lots of pictures! Some turned out really silly with swirly pipe cleaners in different colors popping out like springs. Some had massive amounts of glitter, and some glued feathers all over them – they had a blast!

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