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Decorations, Wedding Decorations, Christmas Decorations
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Decorations, Wedding Decorations, Christmas Decorations
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Decorations, Wedding Decorations, Christmas Decorations

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The most fun thing to shop for when you’re throwing a party is the decorations, hands down. I have my own little strategic plan for mapping out my party decorations. I first secure the location, then brainstorm and sketch what I would like the party to look like. I always over shoot my budget the first time around adding in lead crystal vases and fancy pants dinnerware, but when I come out of the clouds, I get down to business. You can really create an awesome looking party with the right decorations. If you already know what you want the party to look like, you will have a blast finding the decorations you want and even being able to shop around for the best deal! Wedding decorations are no different, if you are not working with a wedding planner, you will need to find decorations for the wedding yourself. Go by the same system I use – go to your location and start brainstorming decoration ideas. Aim for the stars, and you are certain to hit the clouds. Go big at first; you can always tone it down later. This rule of thumb really applies to all party decorations, Christmas decorations, etc. Do it up, then go back and look at your budget. Swap those lead crystal vases for glass, and splurge on fresh flowers instead. Don’t get the ice sculpture so huge; spend a little extra on some chunky scented candles so you can cut back on the fresh cut flowers. Play around with the decorations until you find the perfect fit of decorations you want at the price you can afford.