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 How many times have you looked at a friends facebook and saw him with his face in a pic where he's attached to a body that is definitely not his? You think, how funny does this guy look with a cartoonishly muscular body!!! These stand ins are now available to you for your next party. And it doesn't matter what party you're planning, our stand ins range from young to adult varieties. All you have to do is come at us with a direction or idea of what you want in a stand in. Not only that, our partners can personalize nearly all of our stand ins! When people look at your pictures, they'll know why all your friends got together by having a big banner you personalized for the stand in. And never be shy when ordering a stand in, usually the more outrageous the stand in, the more attention it gets from all your party guests. People will start lining up to look ridiculous in your pictures. Until you try it, you won't know how fun they are.

Chris Jackman

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