Presidents Day Costumes, Party Costumes and Masks

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Presidents Day Costumes, Party Costumes and Masks
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Presidents Day Costumes, Party Costumes and Masks
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Presidents Day Costumes, Party Costumes and Masks

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Presidents Day Costumes

When I got assigned the task to have a Presidents Day party for my class project, I thought I might fall over. I had no idea how to throw a Presidents Day party. If it hadn’t have been for My Party Planner, I would have been clueless. I got the idea to throw a themed party, and I decided to go all out and do a Presidents Day costume party! At first I didn’t know how everyone would react because with the invitations, I gave everyone two choices of Presidents or first ladies to research and dress up as. It was a hit! Presidents Day costumes can be found right here on My Party Planner via one of our many vendors and costume suppliers. I had everyone go up in front of the party and say a short speech about the life of each President they were supposed to be. Everyone walked out having learned something, and had a great time! The Presidents Day costumes varied, but are actually easy to replicate. If you don’t go through a costume store, you can easily go to a thrift store or antique store and pick up some period clothing to wear. (Wigs are optional, but really make a difference!) If you still need more ideas or help planning your Presidents Day party, supplies, or are ready to set your party in motion, contact one of our professional party planners or suppliers. You can get tips from the pros to make your party great!