Red Hat Party Ideas, Red Hat Party Games

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Red Hat Party Ideas, Red Hat Party Games
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Red Hat Party Ideas, Red Hat Party Games
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Red Hat Party Ideas, Red Hat Party Games

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Red Hat Party

Having a red hat party is a great way to get senior citizen women together for lunch, tea, or drinks. Red hat parties are just that – you must be of a certain age and also have a red hat! They are lots of fun and can be held virtually anywhere – a restaurant, a hotel lobby, convention center, or bar. Red hat party games are always the highlight of the party. No red hat party is complete without a game of bingo. Checkers, chess, and other board games are also loads of fun and will get all the girls together and interacting. You could even play trivia games – anything to get everyone talking and laughing!

If you are still looking for Red Hat party ideas, check out the many articles right here on My Party Planner – there are many useful articles on party ideas, new products and other tips and advice. If you need more help, feel free to contact any of our suppliers or vendors for product information. You could switch up your Red Hat parties just by changing location. A restaurant is probably the best place to have it, but you could switch it up by having a pot luck dinner at one of the girl’s homes. Everyone can bring a dish, so everyone will have something they like to eat, and enough to share.

Another great red hat party idea is to so a gift exchange. Red hat party gifts can be just as fun as the games. Just have everyone bring a gift $20 or less, and then just trade them by playing kino or another card game. You could also have everyone draw names a few weeks before the party, and do a secret Santa type gift exchange.