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Stickers, Wall Stickers, Bumpers Stickers, Party
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Stickers, Wall Stickers, Bumpers Stickers, Party
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Stickers, Wall Stickers, Bumpers Stickers, Party

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I remember being a sticker freak. Back in the day, if your trapper keeper wasn’t laden with layers of Lisa Frank stickers, you just weren’t anybody. Today, there are tons of different kinds of stickers that are used in markets far and wide, including the party industry. Stickers are one of the best things to give kids to keep them occupied and they make great party favors, too. All you would need to do is buy a big pack in bulk, or get some wholesale stickers, and divide them up between all the party guests. Kids have a blast making scenes on paper with stickers, so you could even make that a station of carts and crafts at the next school party or kids birthday party you put together.

Wall stickers are gaining popularity, too. The can be used as décor items because you can buy them in so many different colors and patterns. A friend of mine hated her walls, and couldn’t paint them, so she got some re-stickable wall stickers and made her place look brand new! She ended up just washing the stark white walls and applied some flower/butterfly scenes to either side of the couch and right b y the entry way, and it made all the difference in her place! Wall stickers could be used in the same manner to spice up a party! Just get the kind with removable adhesive so you won’t end up with a huge mess. There are so many different kinds of wall stickers that you are sure to find the perfect ones to fit your party’s theme .Bumper stickers are also cool party favors you can hand out at the end of the party as a way of saying thank you to the guests for coming.