Tambourines, Light Up Tambourines, Bangles, Chimes, Bongos

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Tambourines, Light Up Tambourines, Bangles, Chimes, Bongos
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Tambourines, Light Up Tambourines, Bangles, Chimes, Bongos
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Tambourines, Light Up Tambourines, Bangles, Chimes, Bongos

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Who doesn’t love tambourines?! Tambourines are the hippie chic instrument that was forever immortalized by the 1960s. They are the essence of folk music and lots of rock music, as well. It seems like they were created by gypsies and belly dancers by the way that the little metal disks clank together. I have seen tambourines in rock bands, in religious choirs, and in folk bands. Tambourines are a nice addition to the percussion section of any music ensemble. For your next party, if you are going to have karaoke or music to sing along to, get a tambourine or two – you’ll be surprised at how much fun everyone will have!

These days, there are small tambourines, large tambourines, and even light up tambourines. Those are so cool – every time you hit it, it lights up! You can change the setting to flash different colors or just one if you want. These are so fun for the kids to play with, too. Bangles and chimes are two more instruments that you should add to any musical themed party or karaoke night! If you are searching for party ideas, feel free to read through our articles for inspiration and tips. If you are ready to get some tambourines, then just perform a simple search and be instantly hooked up with vendors and musical instrument suppliers in your area. We have a large directory of suppliers near you, so you are certain to find just what you need!