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Toga Party Ideas, Toga Party Games, College & Adult Parties
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Toga Party Ideas, Toga Party Games, College & Adult Parties
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Toga Party Ideas, Toga Party Games, College & Adult Parties

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Toga Party

If there is one kind of party that can be both sexy and fun, it's a toga party. The fact of the matter is, a toga party is a “theme” party, meaning that it has a certain theme that everyone needs to follow in order to get in. The best example of a toga party is in the hit comedy movie, “Animal House.” Of course, before you have a toga party you need to know what a toga is. These are little robs that people use to wear back in Greek times. If you do a search online for togas, you will be able to see a lot of pictures of what they are. Also, in order to have a toga party, you have to have a lot of people that are willing to wear togas; otherwise, it's just a normal party! Before you can do anything, make sure that you send out toga party invitations. This way people can call you and let you know if they are going to come to the party. If they are, then you need to add them to the guest list. The purpose of the guest list is to make sure that you buy enough toga party supplies. Do keep in mind that most guys go to toga parties to see women in togas. Thus, be sure to invite some women to come as well. Most people think that women look pretty sexy dressed up in toga clothing. After the toga party invitations have been sent out and people have RSVP, you are able to go out and get the supplies. Now, you are going to have to pick up enough supplies to make sure that everyone gets plenty of food and drinks. These kinds of things are products that you would need at a normal party anyway. However, some toga party supplies that you may want to pick up are some extra togas. If people start coming without a toga, then you can hand some extra ones out to keep the theme of the party alive. Now you know that you have to bring food, but because it's kind of a Greek party, you need some Greek foods. Some foods you may want as snacks are grapes, which were very popular during ancient Greece. The good news about toga parties is that togas are not that hard to make, meaning that people do not have to go out and buy togas from stores already made. All you need to do is go to your local fabric store, and buy tons of fabric. You should make sure that the fabric is white; sometimes beige will work as well. Then what you do is wrap the fabric around your body enough times to make sure you feel comfortable. Men normally have longer togas than women. The girls tend to wear their togas pretty short. The rest of the fabric that is left over needs to be thrown over your shoulder. Then take some kind of gold pin and secure it. After that you are done, and you can enjoy your toga party.