Treasure Chest, Treasure Chest Cake, Pirate Treasure Chest

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Treasure Chest, Treasure Chest Cake, Pirate Treasure Chest
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Treasure Chest, Treasure Chest Cake, Pirate Treasure Chest
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Treasure Chest, Treasure Chest Cake, Pirate Treasure Chest

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Treasure Chest

Argh! Shiver me timbers! Is that a treasure chest I see? Is it filled with gold coins? Maybe the chocolate candy kind, but not much else! Treasure chests have long been related with pirates, dubloons, and sailing the high seas in search of them. Over the years, many true blue treasure chests have been found at the bottom of the world’s seas and oceans, further giving proof of how things were back then. I’m sure they didn’t call them treasure chests back then. They were probably just a trunk, or a footlocker to them. When there’s treasure inside, it takes on a whole different name!

Having a pirate themed party is a fun way to get everyone dressed up and having fun. If you are throwing a birthday party, you should have a treasure chest cake. It will be fairly simple to make if you get a treasure chest cake mold. You will then pour in the batter in the mold, bake it, and turn out the cake on a pan or plate to frost and decorate it. If you don’t have a treasure chest cake mold, you can search for one on My Party Planner – we have a directory full of vendors of all types of party supplies! Decorating the cake can be a fun activity for the kids to help out with, as well.

Another neat pirate party idea is to do a scavenger hunt, where X marks the spot. Whoever gets there first gets a pirate treasure chest! You can get one from one of our many vendors listed in our directory. Just fill it with toys and beads and those chocolate gold coins, and you’ll have a mighty fine prize!