Valentines Day Costumes, Valentines Day Masks

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Valentines Day Costumes, Valentines Day Masks
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Valentines Day Costumes, Valentines Day Masks
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Valentines Day Costumes, Valentines Day Masks

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Valentines Day Costumes


If you want to put a twist on your next Valentine’s Day party, throw a Valentine’s Day costume party and have everyone dress up as famous lovers in history or figures of love, lust, or passion. Valentine’s Day costumes can be a fun way for everyone to interact at the party! Have everyone dress up as famous couples. A week or two before the party have everyone draw their couple or person from a hat, then have everyone guess who they are during the festivities. A masquerade is another cool idea for a Valentine’s Day party. You could to a whole Victorian theme and have everyone either make masks or purchase them through one of My Party Planner’s many vendors to wear to the party. You can then take turns telling the party about who you are dressed up to be and a little bit about the famous figure you are impersonating. Valentine’s Day masks are a fun way for all your guests to get involved and really be a part of the party! Need more Valentine’s Day costume party ideas? Think about Greek mythology, Shakespeare, and royal families for inspiration. You can also browse more articles right here on My Party Planner to find more ideas. For all your Valentine’s Day party supplies, costumes, and masks, My Party Planner has a vendor or supplier in your area that can help you find exactly what you need to throw a great Valentine’s Day party! You’re but a point and click away. Have fun!