Halloween Scary or Sweet?

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Halloween is such an exciting time for both children and adults. Seeing all the kids dressed up and enthusiastic about their costumes and going out trick or treating. The common dilemma with throwing a Halloween Party is whether it should be scary or sweet. There are such amazing decorations out there to choose from its difficult to decide which decoration design to go with.

If there are young children attending the party you may want to avoid the jump out scary props that will cause juice spill and tears. But, kids’ attending your event doesn’t mean you have to completely rule out spooky decorations. You can have a “safe” space for the little ones to play or do arts and crafts with a babysitter or adult to keep them away from the spooky scene. If you don’t have to worry about the little ones you should go all out! Creepy crawlies around each corner with scary sounds and props that make your guests squeal.

When going all out with a spooky theme at your Halloween Party try to keep the sounds or music lower. Even though it may take away from the initial shock, it’s difficult to enjoy the company of your guests with a screeching ghoul in the background. Have all your guests come at a specific time to do the grand ghostly tour then turn it down for the socializing.

If you are not looking for a creepy scary themed Halloween party you still have many more choices for your decoration. You can pick a Halloween Candy Theme. Candy corn and ghostly marshmallow puff decorations can be placed all over the house. These features will keep it festive without the scary aspects of other Halloween parties. When Halloween falls on a weekday it is sometimes difficult to throw a party on Halloween night. Instead of making it strictly an adult party, gather friends and family together in a safe popular neighborhood to go trick or treating with the kids as a group, as well as have a party at the house.

No matter what type of Halloween party you throw it is a fun time to dress up and spend time with friends and family. Great food and great company will make your party the best!

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  1. Jason Smithe says:

    I can’t wait for Halloween. Best time of year where I come from.