2012 Creative New Years Resolutions

It’s 2012, the world may be ending so we think it is time for everyone to retire the common New Year’s resolutions and get creative. Here is a list of the 10 most interesting New Year’s Resolutions we could find:

1. No Drinking From A Can (No Health Reason, Just to Look Classy Drinking Bottles)

2. No Watching Commercials (It’s Time to DVR Everything)

3. Survive the Zombie Apocalypse / End of the World

4. Boycott the House Phone (Let the Mobile Takeover Begin)

5. Don’t Drive Away With The Gas Pump (Someone has to be the one that does it)

6. Go Back To School (To Avoid Paying Student Loans)

7. Gain Weight (There is Always a Reason to Put on Mass. Examples: Sumo Wrestling, To Make Your Significant Other Look Thinner, etc.)

8. Stop Quoting Commercials (Shows and Movies too)

9. Drink All The Alcohol In My House (This Way There is No Temptation When I Give Up Drinking)

10. Google Everything (Just to point out when other people are wrong)

If you have a great New Year’s resolution, post it here for everyone to see.

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2 Responses to 2012 Creative New Years Resolutions

  1. DJ John says:

    I just give up drinking every year… Maybe I should have picked something fun.

  2. Ren Gillbert says:

    This is amazing . It is really creative 2012 new year resolutions. Nice post.
    Its great to read this post.