12/21/12 – The World is Coming to an End… What Are You Going To Do?

Our answer is Partyyyy! Whether you believe the Mayans or not, why not have some fun on December 21, 2012 and throw an End of the World Party?

End of the World Party

The Mayans forgot to predict a time of day that the world will end so why not start your party early and turn it into and all day event (and all night if those wacky Mayans are incorrect). When planning your End of The World party be sure to consider the following:

1. Location – this is the most important factor. If the world ends or is in the process of ending people will be looking for a place to run and hide… most likely your awesome party. We recommend high ground to fight off the intruders and protect your right to party! This tip is also helpful in the case that 12/21/12 turns into a zombie apocalypse.

2. Supplies – we recommend lots of non-perishable foods and drinks, in-case you are stuck for a while. Vodka is essential for both drinking and non-traditional purposes (cleaning, sterilizing, etc.)

3. People – Who do you want to be around when the world comes to an end? Make the choice wisely, it might be your last…

Most likely 12/21/12 will just be regular day, but we still recommend having a great party with all your friends, because everyone likes to party! If our prediction is incorrect then we wish you the best of luck and Godspeed.

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One Response to 12/21/12 – The World is Coming to an End… What Are You Going To Do?

  1. Bryan Rendley says:

    Great Idea! Might have to have an End of the World Party myself, lol.